October 15 2011, Featured on CNN, Inside Africa “Kenyan Rising Star”

February 19 2017: Mary Ogembo Exhibits in Germany

August 2015: Table talk with Beryl Ooro and Mary Ogembo- Contemporary artist/Painter

October 22 2011: Colours of the World, Nineteen artists from 12 countries are taking part in an international art meet presented by Dimension 4 in association with the Times of India at ICCR

October 2007: Featured on South African, SABC TV programme “Africa Within” featuring the lifestyle of a Visual Artist in Kenya

April 2006: International Museum of women, San Francisco USA, “ Imagining Ourselves’’, Global voices from a New Generation of Women

October 16 2005: Zimbabwean Sunday Leisure “Kenyan artist showcases her works”

October 8 2005: The Zimbabwean Chronicle, “Kenyan artist Ogembo to exhibit at Gallery”

December 12 2004: The Sunday Standard “Art prints the picture of a true African woman”

November 2003: Le Magazine de la ville de Cergy

September 2003: Le Magazine de la ville de Cergy

September 12 2003: the People Daily Newspaper, “Hammering Her Way to Fame”

August 10 2001: Daily Nation extract, “Women Artists Show only Joy”

1999: World Press Photo Catalogue: East Africa Photography Workshop